Best Papas Games Online to Play

If you love dining room games where you have to keep customers happy by serving them delicious food quickly, then have a look at our range of Papa’s games.

We have all had the dream of running your own restaurant or kitchen and serving delicious food and this is your chance! Build the perfect menu and create delicious treats with Papa himself by following on screen instructions of ingredients or customer orders. Have a look at three of the selected Papa’s games below:

Firstly, we have Papas Cupcakeria. Take up a new job with Papas Sushiria and prepare beautiful cakes for customers. You must build the correct cakes, adding ingredients in the right order. Secondly, we have Papas Taco Mia. This game allows you to become a real Taco tycoon and serve the most mouthwatering tacos across the land. Build the tacos to customer orders to leave them happy and increase your popularity. Lastly, we have Papas Pizzeria.

This is the original Papas games in which you have restaurant full of hungry customers wanting your delicious pizzas. Serve them the correct pizzas with a range of toppings. Why not try out one of the above titles or see what other Papas Louie games take your fancy. We promise you’ll be serving delicious treats to world in no time!