FIFA 21: Impressive Record of 360-0

Stay undefeated! A new day of FUT Champions has just ended, where thousands of players gathered showing all their power with their millionaire squads. Some struggled to reach Gold, while Gold suffered to reach Elite.

And there is also the case of Anders Vejrgang, a 14-year-old Danish boy, who extended his streak to 360 victories in FIFA 21. The youngest does not know what it is to lose so far in all the FUT Champions rounds.


Anders Vejrgang is a member of RBLZ Gaming, the official eSports squad of RB Leizpzig of Germany, and is making headlines once again in the FIFA 21 world for his impressive record in FUT Champions: 360-0.

Of the 12 rounds that have been played so far in FUT Champions, Vejrgang has won it all and most of his victories came from a wide scoreboard. And it is not for less by the staff that he owns.

The wonder boy, as they call him in FIFA 21, had no problem beating proplayer rivals and players like Gravesen, just to name a few, he has great respect for him. He will soon have to face DjMaRiiO.

The famous Spanish youtuber DjMaRiiO found out about Anders Vejrgang’s case and challenged him on Twitter, without imagining that the boy would accept it. The date of the friendly in FIFA 21 has not yet been revealed, but from now on all the ‘gamers’ are looking forward to the long-awaited duel.

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