Geometry Dash is a Mobile and Steam Game

Geometry Dash is a mobile and Steam game developed by Robert Topala, a Swedish developer who own the RobTop Games company, where this game is also uploaded. It is a running game based n the rhythm and have different background music in it’s 21 official levels. It can be played in your mobile phones, tablets and your desktop.

This game usually simple tap and click control on the vehicle that interacts with other vehicles. The player must be able to follow the rhythm and timing of the background music in order to win the game.

The objective of the game is to complete each level by controlling the speed of your vehicle, flying and and jumping into obstacles and eventually process to the next level. You have to push your skills while you run, jump and flip into passages with dangerous and and spiky obstacles that will make you scream if you fail and come back to pursue the level. This is a addictive but very challenging game that anyone who love obstacles and adventures will be hooked.

It’s 21 levels of rhythm based adventure game will welcome you with different obstacles and different background themes. In each level you will have to unlock new icons that will enable you to customize your character. Each level will give challenges that are nearly impossible where you will be needing to upgrade some of your features to complete the level because when you failed in the middle of a level, you will restart from the start of the level. However, there are also what they call it checkpoints where you can restart your game when you failed. These are marked by green diamond shaped gems.

Competing each level will give you rewards that will be helpful to you as you go through with the next levels. Some levels require hundreds or thousands of attempts to pass but other levels are easy. These levels are classified by difficulty, from “Auto” as the easy to demon, the difficult. At the end of each level you will be earnings stars which mainly determines the difficulty if the level and of course on how you play well on the game.

Aside from the 21 official levels which have a difficulty that ranges from Auto to demon, there are also online levels that you can play. The levels can get even harder as compared to the official levels. Overtime the difficulty intensifies as you come up to your level. But with sufficient skill and collected power ups this levels are beatablemmaybe by many attempts. The features of each level will make you come back to the game until you got star and complete the levels.

Like other popular games that many have been hooked up and updates are regular, geometry dash also have come a long way from just having 7 levels from the start of the release. In Canada geometry dash has been said as the mostpopular paid game for iPhone users. There are also free versions of the game which is the ageometry Dash Lite, it has the first 11 levels from the full version.There is also the Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash Work which comes with different levels and features. These apps are all downloadable in the internet.