Happy Wheels

Play Happy Wheels Game Demo Online at Baltogames.Com After only one day, Happy Wheels is ranked as the #1 free app in the iOS app store! Why? I don't know. I'm guessing a lot of you must have tried it out. It sure is exciting. Forget those apps that help you navigate home or communicate with your significant others. They have always been worthless. Repeated failure and human dismemberment are what's important in life. Thanks so very much to all the new and long term fans for putting the game where it currently is. I have no idea how long it will stay there. In an update that took a lot longer than expected, I've just now added in a new art tool which should be very helpful for drawing complicated shapes. Originally polygon shapes could be interactive or non-interactive. Instead, all polygons must now be interactive, and previous art polygons are now art shapes. Art shapes are superior as they will allow you to draw using bezier curves, and are completely scalable. Each vertex of each shape will have its own handles which control the curve of the line. When placing vertices and creating your shape, click, hold and drag your mouse to adjust the handles.