Have Fun with IO Games

If you are a gamer and you would like to try something new, it would be great if you go for IO games. These games are widely popular these days over the web and you would be able to get a number of benefits when you try them today. Have a flavor of the past and play with others by finding the most famous .IO games. Many of these games are fun, great, and pretty easy to play, you can be sure that you will still find a fine selection for games that are quite challenging. Hence, you will never be bored in playing .IO games.

.IO games are basically flavor of the past and that is for the reason that they include games that were quite famous during the 1980s and 1990s. But, you should not raise your eyebrows on them because these games are pretty cool and they can be played online by players simultaneously. It will be a nice way to show your opponents your skills in real-time and have the chance to beat people who earned the highest scores featured on the leaderboard.

.IO Games – What Are They?

.IO games are the chain of real-time multiplayer games that are literally named with “.io” in the end. These games are usually battles between the players inside of a field. The players will be able to earn points through playing with their opponents and give their very best to defeat and kill them. There is a leaderboard in which you can check the names of the best performing players. They are to be your target if you want to win and earn points. The truth is that there are many .IO games available and two of them are Slither.io and Agar.io.

Everyone in the gaming world is talking about these games that are quite very interesting. So it will be best if you try playing these games and find one that suits your taste.

Why Are .IO Games Very Popular?

Chances are that you’ve heard about games like Agar.io and Slither.io. You probably have even played any of these two. In that case, you are definitely one of those people who instantly became avid .IO gamers. But still, do you wonder what makes these games very popular?

The IO gaming market was questionably seeded by the Agar.io which is described as a simple and ordinary looking game that has been named and designed to reflect the microorganism’s behavior inside the petri dish. The basic idea at the back of this game is to move across the word whilst eating some other cells or food around. While you are doing that, you are growing and when the other player is smaller compared to you, it will be very easy to beat and eat him or her.

But, you should be extra easy especially when a larger player is approaching as you can be eaten by that player. Agar.io has been known for its easy and simple gameplay with simple graphics that will never look messy. The popularity of this game is believed to explode in just a short period of time. After the rise and fame of Agar.io, there comes another .IO game called Slither.io. Its gameplay was quite similar with that of Agar.io. The gameplay of Slither.io is focused on the development of the character whilst it tries to consume food and players that are smaller to him or her. Though, Slither.io came out with extra game mechanic wherein the players are enabled to outmaneuver their opponents and kill them as the result. Slither.io also comes with quite more beautiful graphics.

Recipe for That Successful .IO Game

Agar.io started all of these, but Slither.io added life to it. The following are the features that you should watch out for when you choosing an .IO game:

Simple Gameplay

When the game could be picked up then played without having to delve into tutorials, that .IO game will be nice. This way, even a 5-year old child get started in playing. Look for the .IO game that requires just one mouse click for playing. Just imagine how great that will be compared to how games the World of Warcraft should be played. Since you are just starting to embrace .IO games on your device, you should see to it that you get started with games that offer simple gameplay. Little by little, you can get started with the ones that are quite challenging.

Easy Game Mechanics

Since you are new to .IO games, pick the game that comes with simple game mechanics. Too much mechanics would just bring confusion to players. Don’t turn to games that would make it hard for you to understand how the story goes. Before downloading, you should find out more about the game first, especially about the gameplay of it and the mechanics.

Great Graphics

One reason why Slither.io was able to dominate the market in an instant was that it comes with appealing graphics. Players are mostly hooked not just how enjoyable playing the game is, but also how the game looks like.

The Future of .IO Games

This will just be the beginning for .IO games. Right from the birth of this particular gaming genre, there were new games released but not all of them became viral. Only some of the .IO games really captivated gamers and one of the most famous games today is Mope.io. The game strictly adheres to the major rules, which is one of the reasons why it was able to reach the top and stole the crown of fame from Slither.io.

You are sure to find more new .IO games in the near future since the game developers noticed the rising fame of this game genre in the gaming world. It can truly compete with the hard core games when it comes to giving fun, excitement and challenge. Downloading them will never be one thing you would regret in the end. To be sure that it is the right game to download, be sure that you will do your own research for the meantime.