How to Keep Up With The Current Meta in League of Legends

In this article we will tellthe best champions to play with to keep up with the current Meta. This is especially important for those of you who are beginners in League of Legends.

Every aspiring League of Legends player went through the choice of which character is the best to start mastering the game with.


A character that is able to win any game, even falling behind at the start. At the start of the game, the main skill of the character is splitting – a skill that inflicts damage on an enemy hero or minion and in case of killing with this ability, the spent mana is returned to the character, and the recharge of the ability is halved. So this allows you to finish off minions without fear of being left without mana at the laning stage.

In addition, Annie is capable of dealing area damage in a cone in front of her, which is a great skill for quickly clearing minion waves and damaging enemy champions.


Forester is considered to be the most difficult role in the game. In addition to farming, the foresters are responsible for the need to time out the dragon, herald, baron, and also help allies on the lane. Jax has all the tools he needs to put pressure on the entire map. This champion has great ganking potential already at the third level. 

In order to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy and remain unpunished, it is enough to use the “Counter strike” skill at a jump distance, which will stun the enemy. You need to strike with an auto attack, and then apply Jax’s second skill – an increase that allows each auto attack to deal additional damage. This allows you to land three hits almost instantly. Most shooters and magicians are simply unable to survive this.


A champion with damage, escape and split-pushing. What else do you need for a MOBA game? This champion has a very high potential due to strong skills and high mobility on the map. This champion is simply made to take out enemies at long range. To do this, first of all, you need to pump the third skill – “Explosive shell”. In passive mode, when you kill an enemy or a minion, this skill explodes it, dealing high damage with shrapnel in a fairly large area around.

As for the active skill, Tristana attaches a bomb to the target, which explodes after a certain period of time. Until the moment of the explosion, you can charge a bomb, auto-attacks on the target. 


The Pantheon is still a real threat to opponents, despite the fact that several patches in a row have been trying to nerf this champion. This is due to simple mechanics – a passive skill uses a system of charges and is charged thanks to the auto attacks or skills that you use, and regardless of whether you hit the enemy or not. The use of the skill with a fully charged passive will be increased.

The main skill of the Pantheon can be considered its first ability, which works in two versions. If you hold down the key, then you will throw a spear in the direction you choose, causing damage to enemies on the way, and if you just press the key, then you will conduct a quick attack from close range.


The support champion is always useful for the team, but if the support is able to replace the shooter if necessary, then the situation becomes much better. Senna is a mixed-skill hero. She both deals damage and helps allies not to die. Your main tool throughout the game will be the “Piercing Darkness” skill, which releases a stream of light and darkness at a selected target. When you hit an ally, the beam heals him, and if you hit an enemy, he will be damaged.

You need to try to use the skill as an ally’s target, since the beam will continue to move, passing through it and will damage enemies in its path. The hardest thing to get used to is the passive, which is collecting souls. You need to use an auto attack if you see a soul nearby. This will strengthen you towards the late game.

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