How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

Another essential weapon that works as a pair with an arrow making it useful is the bow. Bow can be very useful in the Minecraft world especially for shooting and hunting. You can create a bow simply by following these steps complementing your arrows.

Make a Bow in Minecraft
Make a Bow in Minecraft

The essentials required for this process are three sticks and 3 strings. You can often get a stick lying around, while the strings can be obtained from a piece of cloth.

Make a Bow in Minecraft

Before you can start the process, you have to switch to the crafting menu. On the crafting table you are needed to open the 3×3 dimension grid.

Once your 3×3 dimension grid is ready, you can start putting items in it to start the process. In the first row, you have to leave the first grid empty, placing the a stick in the middle grid and string in the third grid. Similarly, in the second row you have to put the stick in the first grid while string in the third grid, leaving the middle grid empty. Third row will require a stick in the middle and string in the last grid, leaving the first empty.

After you have put all the items carefully in its place, you will get your bowin the result box. You can put that bow in your inventory later on.

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