Merge Dragons Overview

Anyone who is into puzzle games probably knows about this popular game, Merge Dragons! This game is unique and has also spawned many copycats of the game over the years. You can gain dragons by playing through stages and upgrading them to gain more dragon power. There are many different items in the game from trees, plants, and rocks that you can merge to make better items. It has a story mode of different stages that are completed by merging items on the map to gain upgraded items. You also merge items on deadland in order to open more of the map.  In addition, it has a garden that a player can go to and make their own layout of various items they have found and unlocked in the story mode or bought for in game currency.

Merge Dragons Challenges

In addition to the story move levels, you will come across levels known as “challenges”. These stages have time limits to them which puts the pressure on the player. The rewards are very well worth it though. There are three tiers to each challenge. The first tier will usually give you a low-level dragon. The first tier is the easiest to beat because they give you a lot of time to complete the puzzle. The third tier is the hardest, giving you barely enough time to complete the challenge. If you do manage to win, you will be rewarded with a high-level dragon that is sure to boost your dragon power by a lot.


In this game, there are items known as wonders. Each item has its own wonder. Basically, to get a wonder item, you must upgrade the item all the way up the chain. There isn’t any one level to a wonder. Usually they will become a wonder around level 9 – 12. Some of these items are very good to keep in your garden, but others you could get rid of.

Dragon Breeds

There are about 31 different dragonbreeds you can collect in the game. Many of them will be easy to get, but some of them are exclusive and you must buy them with in game currency. You can get dragons by completing challenges and stages in campaign.


Merge Dragons is a fun game to play! With so many different items to merge, different stages to complete, and ways to make your garden, there are many things to keep you occupied.