Best .io Game of 2017 is among the greatest IO games on the web which was recently published and made available to online gamers. As you might be aware of, the different IO games caused another gaming phenomenon on the web across the various parts of the globe. would become another successful and enjoyable multiplayer game in the web in no time.

Each single day, this game has been grabbing the attention of a growing number of players from different countries. They could participate and play against one another for some sort of fun and excitement, share the experiences with one another and even begin a dialogue with each other with the use of the chat feature. Many of the IO games provide excellent missions and gameplays. You would be able to get another chance to make your favorite “IO games” list longer through adding this cool and exciting game. For sure, the game would provide you with a completely new and unique gameplay which will keep you attached to it. The longer you play, the better the skills you have would be. Today, it is the right time to discover more about the gameplay of and then check out the mods.


The gameplay for could be different from the other IO games that were released before this one. This game is offering adorable characters which you would take on the role of within this game. Aside from that, there can be more useful features that were added to this game and these features are bound to bring a lot of skilled players across the world.

When you spawn into this game, you would be playing as a tiny mouse that is attempting to develop its size. This particular basic gameplay is somewhat identical and the same to and, right? Though, it still comes with a few distinct points.

The food sources are extremely awesome on this game and you’re supposed to travel all over the map to search for those woods that are full of berries. When you locate them, you should absorb from all those berry bushes as much as you could so that you can gain additional experience points. Aside from that, you should reach for water spots and drink more to keep the mouse hydrated and active at all times. The more you’re eating, the quicker the food chain would advance.

Consuming the berry bushes and then absorbing water isn’t just a crucial task that you should fulfill. In the game, you’re supposed to fight and defeat the other players throughout your journey. Thus, surviving and eating should go along with one another. The more you eat, the stronger you will be. Eating more would also bring extra experience points to you that could help you in growing up more instantly. But, when you’re still a weak mouse, you should keep an eye on those strong opponents whilst searching for foods or else you might get eaten by another player that will put an end to your game. Your primary objective is to be a powerful mouse ranking number one on the leaderboard.

About the

Just the same with some other IO games available, this one provides some very interesting mods to all of the players. When using mods, you would able to get a chance to obtain an edge through your opponents by using additional features, tricks, hacks, and some awesome stuff that were added to the former version of the game. These will surely make the game more enticing and enjoyable to play.

Since the period of time the game was released, mods are still not available. Yet, there is no reason to worry about whether the mods would be included to this game or not. Considering that a lot of players join the game every day, the mods would be created, developed and will be released and made available in all parts of the world.

In-game Controls

To play game very well, ensure that you completely understand the game controls for the meantime, particularly when you’re new to this game and you are not quite familiar with how it goes and how it is played. Rest assured that the game controls for are very simple and extremely easy to use. When you like to run, you simply need to use your left mouse button.

Also, you could fire the water or then launch the attacks to your enemies through pressing the “W” key or right click the mouse button. Aside from that, comes with a feature that will let you interact and talk with other players. To get started in chatting with other players, you would just need to use the “Enter” key.

Get Started in Playing is the foraging or the survival game set that was set in a colorful 2D environment. You begin off as the mouse and then your goal is to advance your food chain by consuming more. To make this happen, you just need to eat berries and gain more XP. Your objective will be just to survive and do it by taking the food chain into the next level and avoid predators.

As previously mentioned, you begin off in the bottom of the food chain as the mouse and while you eat berries, you will be able to gain more XP to evolve and become a different creature. The friendly objects or players will be indicated by a light green lining which outlines them and the dangerous ones will be marked with a red line. It is very important to make sure that you will be safe from them as a beginner.

Though eating berries is a surefire way to attain successful food chain development, it’s also important to keep the water meter topped up by consuming the blue bobs which spawn all over the water spots. The water should be consumed slowly as you move all over. So as you can see, it is not very hard to play and enjoy Rest assured that you will be enjoying this game no matter what.