NBA 2K21 – Season 4 Has Started

NBA 2K21 Season 4 is upon us. This season is called The Return to honor the start of the new NBA season. Everyone is excited to see how the veteran players and the newcomers will perform in matches this season. We’ve already seen some great games on the opening night. The moment Steph Curry achieved 62 points will be hard to forget. Season 4 brings new challenges. Let’s see what we can expect in the next weeks. You will start your way towards level 40 with Kevin Durant. All you need to do is to log into MyTeam and go to the Season Agendas section where you can get the Kevin Durant card. This is the first of the many seasonal activities that allow you to get XP. Season 4 comes with a MyTeam update. This is the first time when the Domination mode is expanded.

NBA 2K21

This means that players now have access to Domination tier four. It is called Heat Check. If you are wondering if Heat Check cards are back, the answer is yes. You will form a team and match it against all 30 teams that are part of the NBA. Three more additional All-Star teams will give you a new challenge. The goal is to achieve 99 stars. Each win comes with rewards. You can expect to acquire statement jerseys, players from the Series 2 collection, and items from the Heat Check collection.

The Heat Check collection is based on what happens in the current NBA season. A player’s Heat Check card gets temporary stats increases when he goes off in real games. If you are following the NBA games, you can do a bit of planning. Watch the games and see which player you could integrate into your team for the next games. You can also do some scouting and see when the enemy might be more challenging to defeat. Season 4 comes with amazing rewards that you cannot afford the miss. For example, the galaxy opal Antawn Jamison is yours if you get 99 stars in Heat Check Domination. MyTeam Limited also comes with great prizes such as Russell Westbrook. The Unlimited reward is Kevin McHale. The game is constantly changing to keep it up with the real NBA. Don’t forget to check out the rating updates and see which players got boosted and which got a decrease. If you need NBA 2K21 MT coins and items, don’t forget to check out the deals at U7Buy!

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