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Are you interested in the gaming world? Do you like to watch Astralis, Mousesports and all the other teams play Counter Strike? Are you interested in everything that goes on in the CS:GO world? Then you should take a look at

Pley is a news site for CS:GO interest. Here you can get all the latest news, live scores, videos and statistics of all the important matches. Counter Strike has never been as popular as it is now, and therefore all the fans now have a site, where they can be updated on the latest news. Counter Strike is now getting the attention that the game deserves, and all of the fans now have a chance to keep in touch with everything that is going on.

Blurred background of an esports event – Main stage venue, big screen and lights before the start of the tournament contains stories of the CS:GO stars and some of the best and funniest videos. You will get to be as close to the stars as possible with the latest news. You will always be one step ahead of all of your friends in terms of the latest news in CS:GO. It is worth a look and you will find that you can easily discover things and news that you did not know before. You will find more than 20 articles a day on E-sports.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can find all of the latest news in the CS:GO world at

Counter Strike on

Counter Strike is not new to the gaming world. It has been around for 20 years and is just getting more and more popular. There has been more action both in and outside the server. Coaching-bugs, Stream-sniping and match fixing allegations has set focus on the Counter Strike scene on the way to a new era.

Matches are now being watched on TV and huge arenas are filled with fans from all over the world. It has now become one of the most popular games to watch. On Twitch in November over 13 million hours was spent watching Counter Strike.

Counter Strike might still be new to you, but in that case could still be the place you have been looking for. At you can read all the legendary stories and along the way you will find explanations and relevant information, so that everyone can follow the world of CS:GO. was founded in October 2020 in Denmark, and it is a young news site with a young mindset. Therefore you can always count on that the stories of the biggest stars and all the latest news will be told with the focus on making the game of Counter Strike fun and adventurous. The aim is to deliver the best content for every CS:GO fan out there – including you! If You Want to Download Pc Games Check Out Ocean of Games 247 its best Site to Download Games.

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