Scary Maze Game

Play Scary Maze Game 1 Unblocked Game Prank Actually, there are Lot of different versions of the game. The only difference is the way on how to play them. The first version is the preliminary level where in you will have to master the basic skills in order to successfully proceed to the next levels. Your hand-eye coordination will be tested as you will have to concentrate on the game proper. To experience the excitement and thrill in the game, you may put your headset on and maximize the volume. Do not dare to touch the walls because you will have to begin from the previous level.

How to Play Scary Maze Game

Although there are several versions of the game, nothing will beat the original version. The only thing that you have to do is to guide the dot to go across the blue maze while pressing steadily the mouse’s left button to keep the dot moving. The location of the cursor will indicate the location of the dot. Be sure not to hit the wall for your safety until you reach the end of the maze.
  • On the First level, you just have to keep moving forward until you acquire the red box.
  • As you reach the level 2, the maze will get narrower making it harder for you to concentrate on your location. Even before you reach the red box, the way will get more difficult for you.
  • On the third and last level, getting the red box will get a lot more difficult for you as the maze gets very narrow that you will not be able to pass on the first attempt. Although this is the situation, the game will get more exciting for you because the adventures will get much tougher.
Scary Maze Game is the ideal video game for you to play. It offers great pleasure and excitement wherever you are playing and whoever you are playing the game with. Thus, if you are looking for a new exciting and scary game to play, Run 3 Game will suit your game taste. You will never get wrong in playing the game. Note: If You are a Heart Patient Don't Try This...