Top 3 Gag Indie Games That Topped YouTube

The world of indie games is flooded with titles. The biggest online distribution platform, Steam, surpassed the astonishing number of 40,000 installments in this category in August 2019. Here is the selection of indie titles with the craziest concepts that brought millions of views to streamers and lets players. For more reviews of the most successful indie franchises, visit IndieGames.Download.

There’s Poop in My Soop

This memorable title speaks for itself. It has gained over 50 million views on YouTube, gave birth to multiple memes, and made K Bros Games richer for around $500,000. There’s Poop in My Soop is a one of a kind simulator of shooting poops from the rooftop. Your mission is to terrorize unsuspecting pedestrians by throwing stinky missiles onto their heads and even into their meals. Oh, it seems that your ice cream lacks a topping, boy. Stand still and let me help you with that!

The solo campaign offers you to visit New York, Paris, and Beijing to cause mayhem. It’s not as simple as it sounds, though. Every location puts a long list of challenging objectives for you to complete along with admiring busy streets. Be ready to face difficulties and start training your accuracy right away to win.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Studios was just a joke answer to the high popularity of various simulators in 2014. Developers decided to make it as meaningless and hilarious as possible, and the result exceeded all expectations. Such big YouTube names as PewDiePie, Fernanfloo, DanTDM, and Jacksepticeye made it a huge indie trend and gathered over 100 million views.

You play an ordinary white goat with extraordinary goals. This insane creature has a purpose of destroying everything on its way to score points. It can attack vehicles or people having a BBQ, jump from rooftops, intrude on office routines, or even explode gas stations. Later versions include new playable characters, objectives, and modes, such as zombie survival or a space exploration mission.

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator is another cross-platform hit that has been spotted on channels of top gamers. The full version of the game was developed in just 48 days! The gameplay revolves around a patient who got onto your operating table. He has many diseases, so you have to be quick and transplant organs, fix bones, remove dead parts of the brain, and do many more extremely delicate things.

This game became famous for hardcore controls that lead to numerous lethal mistakes during operations. You must manage to control the surgeon’s hand with a mouse and use 4 keyboard buttons to bend fingers and grad instruments. A single inaccurate move and you may lose the scalpel between the ribs or cut an artery by accident. Rock, Paper, Shotgun described Surgeon SImulator as “not a brilliant game, but a brilliant joke in the form of a game.”


Try not to laugh while playing these games! Each of them will give you unforgettable hours of fun and loads of memorable moments to share with friends. By the way, Goat Simulator has an MMO mode in which you can explore the suburbs along with multiple other players. If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you can conduct cooperative operations with friends. Have a good time.