Top 5 Websites For Online Shopping in Pakistan

As a lot of companies are moving to the digital system of trading, the range of e-commerce in Pakistan is bright.

Online shopping is also one of these kinds which allow people to buy goods directly from the manufacturer and the payment is made over the internet. The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day and as an estimated 60% of the population love online shopping because it saves a lot of your time. Internet speed test:

Most websites offer cash on delivery through debit cards and others have the facility to pay when your order arrives.

This article is about the top 5 websites for online shopping in Pakistan.

They are very popular so they are on top, good for seasonal sales, and mostly they stress on men and women’s dresses.

Its categories include all types of men and women’s dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories, jewelry for girls, and a wide range of electronic devices.

Its network is spreading across Asia and it has become the largest online shopping site in Pakistan. For more details on PTCL speed test:

Besides all the things it really needs to improve its customer’s protection because it is really difficult to return something or to get a refund.

Australian group has invested in this brand. It is owned by the CDC group.


Goto is an online market-place in pakistan that provide it’s customers peace of mind and easy shopping experience. You can shop at your fingertips. More and more people are entering in the world of online shopping, it developed shopping experience with a wide range of leading brands of fashion, technology, beauty, and lifestyle and it offers it’s customers 100% original products.

It is a good website with amazing traffic but you will hear some complains about the cell phones they sell and also some of their franchises are not approved from PTA also there are some complains from their customers about their products.

So this website needs to improve it’s policy and satisfy it’s customers.

It is also an online shopping site of Pakistan. It is providing best quality products country wide. There are products of many kinds including health and care, gifts, mobile phones, fashion, computer and laptops, and video games.

Lyallpur Walay

It is basically a clothing brand and as we know fashion industry is growing everyday and there are a lot of websites are being added day by day. It is becoming really hard to choose any clothing site with reasonable prices and good quality. Thanks to this website which is offering really good quality clothes within range and they take care of their customer’s privacy.

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