WoW Classic: Why Naxxramas Disappointed the Veterans So Much?

For many years, World of Warcraft players have been waiting for the return of Naxrammas, one of the most iconic and representative raids of this legendary MMORPG due to its high difficulty and the particularity of its environments.

Since Blizzard announced the launch of the Naxrammas update to WoW Classic in the middle of last year, the community of players of the title awaited its arrival with great expectations, as they would have once again the opportunity to combat against the fearsome Kel’Thuzad.

When the Naxrammas raid was originally released, less than 1% of players were able to complete the raid successfully. Because of this, Naxrammas became something of a myth among World of Warcraft players who longed for the return of this raid for many years.

Naxrammas was not what many expected.

Things started well when Blizzard introduced the preparations to start the raid, as they required the player to have a certain level in Argent Dawn to be eligible to complete it, which could assume that it would be a high difficulty challenge, as it was originally.

WoW Classic

However, nothing was further from the truth, the difficulty of the raid and the battles against its bosses were significantly nerfed and completely changed the experience that this content had given to players of yesteryear in the first decade of this century.

Overcoming bosses was not a very tedious task and it felt like just one more raid, with the odd difficulty that could complicate, but with nothing extremely hard that made players do their best to overcome it.

In fact, players who chose to buy wow classic gold to upgrade their character before taking on this challenge had an unexpected ease in completing the raid, getting out of the necropolis alive, and bringing the rewards home.

Without a doubt, the battle with Kel’Thuzad was the most disappointing topic for the veteran players, as they felt that it was so difficult that it would take them many hours to overcome it and that they would have to plan concrete strategies to achieve it.

However, according to data from sites like WoWHead, the Naxrammas raid was completed by a group of players in less than 40 minutes. There is no clearer display of the modifications Blizzard made to make it more accessible to novice players.

Logically, the developer was heavily criticized by these players for the ease of this challenge, but Blizzard ignored the criticism and did not even consider increasing the difficulty of the raid.

Now, Blizzard is in a dilemma. They must choose if they include The Burning Crusade expansion into WoW Classic or release it as a standalone product. In addition, the company hinted that they will do a full server reset at the time of introducing TBC, which will make all players start over from scratch after the arrival of this expansion.

Will Blizzard be able to keep WoW Classic current? We’ll find out their plans at BlizzCon on February.

WoW Classic is now available worldwide on Microsoft Windows PC and MAC OS.

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